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At Figtree Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on only selling products that we have researched, believe in and use ourselves. A lot of time and research goes into choosing what products we sell to our patients, so that you can be assured that the product is not only going to assist in your recovery but also last the distance.

Long tights (Mens & Womens)

Ideal for recovery after and during exercise. This product has also been useful in accelerating recovery after injury. Also available in an Elite version (RRP $185)

Long sleeve top (Mens & Womens)

Ideal for athletes that are looking for more trunk and core support while exercising in addition to accelerated recovery. Also available in black.

Compression Shorts (Mens & Womens)

Ideal for recovery after and during exercise. This product has also been useful in accelerating recovery after injury and prevention of further injury. Also available in Youth sizes.

Recovery and Performance

These new products are great for recovery and performance and can easily be worn under trousers for the athlete who needs to wear a suit after they have exercised!

Elite Tri Suit

Endurance Tri Suit

These are just a sample of the 2XU triathlon range. We are able to order in a full range of wetsuits and other 2XU products, including the cycling range. Please keep an eye out for upcoming 2XU product information nights on our News & Events page. This will give you a chance to see the products and try them on before you buy them.


ROCKTAPE helps enhance performance when applied to a specific muscle group by:

  • Promoting blood flow to the muscles
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage
  • Assisting in the removal of lactic acid
  • Reducing muscle vibration

These functions enable ROCKTAPE to provide athletes with additional endurance and promote recovery.

All you have to do is put ROCKTAPE on the areas on your body that need a little help and you can go stronger for longer.

We stock varies colours and styles. Please contact us for more information


Stretchbands are very effective in improving flexibility and preventing a multitude of injuries. They are very hard wearing and come in 3 separate sizes. They are perfect for those of you who suffer low back pain or have suffered hamstring and calf strains in the past.

The Joint and Muscle EZR

The joint and muscle EZR is a self-massage and treatment device used by many patients, and by athletes around the world (including AFL footballers and athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport).

It was designed and developed by Dr Steve Saunders primarily for three reasons:

  • To facilitate deeper, more localised and precise treatment of joint and muscular disorders.
  • To eliminate the stress that manipulative techniques can place upon hands, which contributes to osteoarthritis of the thumbs in over 80% of therapists.
  • To provide patients with a better understanding of their own body, providing them with the ability to assess and then treat problems as they arise.

Posture Pro

The Posture Pro is ideal for people who struggle with the 'ideal' posture or spend a significant period of time in front of the computer. The Posture Pro is compact and hard wearing and is an essential tool for everyone from the athlete to the office worker.

Ice Mate

The ice mate makes it easy! All you have to do is put ice into the pouch, screw on the lid and strap it on. It's that simple. A must have for every athlete.


Superfeet are a great product from the U.S.A that has just started to be available in Australia. They are a support insert for your shoe and come in a number of different styles and functions e.g. cycling shoes and ski boots. So if you don't want to wreck those expensive orthotics or need extra support try Superfeet (12 month product guarantee).


These microwavable heat bags have been fantastic. They retain heat for long periods of time and never smell! They come in a variety of sizes from the small neck packs to the larger back packs.

Trilock Ankle Braces

These ankle guards are one of the best on the market. They provide outstanding support without feeling bulky and are hard wearing. Definitely worth the investment and we swear by them.

Denton Contour Pillows

The Denton pillows takes into consideration that we are not all the same. They have a number of different contours, densities and shapes to ensure that you get the best night sleep possible without neck pain.


This product is great when you have pain and need a heat pack fast. These patches release a gentle warmth that has a calming and pain relieving quality and are essential for pain relief on the go.

Strassburg Sock

Chronic plantar fasciitis? Achilles tendinopathy? Leg pain first thing in the morning? Then the Strassburg sock may be the thing for you. The Strassburg sock allows for a constant, comfortable stretch to be applied to you foot and calf while sleeping. This prevents that early morning hobble and pain and has been shown to rapidly improve symptoms associated with lower leg overuse injuries.

Exercise/Swiss Balls

Exercise balls are often used in the rehabilitation of many injuries including low back pain and knee rehabilitation. They allow for a vast number of exercises to be prescribed safely and simply and are an essential rehabilitation tool.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are fantastic for the active person for the management of muscle tightness, posture and overuse injuries. Our patients and athletes have found them invaluable and portable enough to travel with to help manage recovery and their injuries.

Strapping Tape

We supply and use a wide variety of strapping tapes and supplies to a number of sporting clubs and associations. We have a number of tape packages available so please feel free to contact our office for more information.


We stock a large number of braces and supports to suit your injury management needs. Please contact us to let us know how we can help you.