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At Figtree Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of physiotherapy care to all of our patients.

At Figtree Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of physiotherapy care to all of our patients. Our physiotherapists adopt an active and hands on approach to rehabilitation to ensure a high quality of care and service resulting in a rapid return to normal function. Our focus is not only to treat your injuries but also prevent you from getting injured again. At Figtree Physiotherapy all of our physiotherapists engage in professional development and ongoing education to ensure that you receive the most up to date care.

At Figtree Physiotherapy we recognise that all injuries are different and patient demands are unique. Figtree Physiotherapy has dedicated Divisions that endeavour to provide a tailored and unique approach to injury rehabilitation by harnessing our unique expertise to provide you with a more complete rehabilitation opportunity.

General Physiotherapy

Our General Physiotherapy Division is dedicated to treating injuries and conditions suffered by the general public. These injuries may range from the acute to the long term chronic injury, and occur in all age groups.

Some of the more common injuries that the General Division treats are:

  • Lower back and neck complaints
  • Headaches and Postural Dysfunction
  • Acute and chronic shoulder injuries including 'frozen shoulder' and impingement
  • Lower limb injuries including patellofemoral syndrome, ankle injuries and osteoarthritis management
  • Arm and wrist injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow
  • Workers Compensation and Compulsory Third Party injuries

At Figtree Physiotherapy we have the clinical expertise to treat patients of varying age groups from children to the elderly, taking into consideration the challenges that different age groups present.

At Figtree Physiotherapy we aim to address areas of weakness that contribute to the development of an injury. All our physiotherapists have a hands on and active approach to rehabilitation with a strong focus on patient education and injury prevention.

Clinical Pilates

Figtree Physiotherapy have introduced a way to prevent you from getting injured: it’s Clinical Pilates Division. Under the guidance of our Pilates trained physiotherapists Llew Scott and Michalene Goodsell, we have designed a program that is individual for each patient.

Pilates is an exercise program that promotes core stability and posture in a safe environment. Pilates can address muscle imbalances, weakness and improve general well being by challenging and correcting muscle movement patterns.

Clinical Pilates incorporates the principals of Pilates with a scientific and research based approach to rehabilitation and exercise prescription. Clinical Pilates is NOT a one size fits all approach. Each client has an initial consultation with a specially trained Physiotherapist to establish areas that need to be addressed and goals of the program.

At Figtree Physiotherapy our instructors use a combination of floor based exercises and specialist Pilates equipment to allow the best possible service to clients of all fitness and ability levels. There is a maximum of 3-4 clients per class so you are guaranteed a safe and closely supervised Pilates experience.

For more information and class timetables please contact us.

Sports Physiotherapy

As every athlete knows, athletic performance has many elements. Nutrition, training, biomechanics, genetics and recovery all contribute to your overall performance. Throw an injury into the mix and it can all come crashing down. At Figtree Physiotherapy we created a Sports Physiotherapy Division to ensure that you get back onto the field, court or into the water as soon as possible. The Division is under the supervision of Matthew Whalan who has many years of experience treating injuries in athletes both in the clinic and on the sidelines, from recreational to international athletes. In addition to his Physiotherapy degree, Matthew also has a degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation allowing him to utilise his skills to maximise your performance once you are fit to play.

The Sports Physiotherapy Division aims to improve the management of your injury and ultimately facilitate a smooth return to whatever your sport may be. Your physiotherapist will develop a detailed and structured ‘return to sport plan’ which may include communicating with Orthopaedic specialists, Sports Physicians, coaches and clubs, to assist with your injury management.

Our goal is not to just treat your injury but, through thorough physical assessment, find out why you were injured in the first place. Once we do that we can prevent you being injured again and, more than likely, improve your physical performance by reducing areas of weakness and injury risk.

This is achieved through:

  • Gait and Biomechanical Analysis specific to your sport
  • Assessment and treatment of muscle imbalances
  • The application of up to date physiotherapy treatment techniques
  • Identification of areas of weakness and injury risk
  • The implementation of an individualised exercise program to address any identified factors.
  • The use of Real Time Ultrasound to ensure proper muscle function and for injury rehabilitation.

Figtree Physiotherapy and our physiotherapists are proud to be heavily involved in Sports Physiotherapy and are the recognised service providers to local and representative sporting clubs and associations from rugby league, football/soccer, AFL and Triathlon.

See our Links page for further information.

Women's Health — Pelvic Floor & Incontinence Care

To further highlight our diverse range of services, Figtree Physiotherapy, under the supervision of Michalene Goodsell, has developed a Women's Health Division.

Did you know that 36% of women over the age of 45 years suffer from incontinence? You will probably also be surprised to know that 12% of young women who have never had babies also have trouble with their waterworks!

Most women consider their toilet habits 'normal.' But are they?

Do you leak (even small amounts) when you cough/sneeze/lift/exercise?

Do you experience a very strong urge to pass water?

Can you always hold on until you get to the toilet or do you sometimes leak on the way?

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions then we can help.

Michalene Goodsell has specialised training in the treatment and management of pelvic floor dysfunction and retraining. Recent research is showing that early intervention by a specialised physiotherapist can make significant improvements in pelvic floor function and can even prevent the need for surgery.

Performance Division

Do you want to discover the path for optimal health and performance?

Figtree Physiotherapy has recently developed the Figtree High Performance Division (FHPD) to help those wanting to make a serious commitment to their long-term health and unlock that extra potential within.

FHPD caters for:

  • The athlete looking for that extra edge
  • Those coming back from injury and wanting a specialised and safe program
  • Those that are sick of the ‘one size fits all’ training approach
  • Those that are serious about their health, general well-being and movement
  • Fitter? Faster? Stronger? Weight loss? Weight gain? FDHP have you covered

All FHPD clients receive an initial one-on-one assessment with an emphasis on individual goals and injuries. From here you receive a specifically tailored program and expert guidance to help you achieve those goals that may have seemed out of reach.

For those wanting to train within Figtree Physiotherapy FHPD provides a closely monitored environment with a client-to-trainer ratio of no more than 4 : 1. This ensures you are safe, positively motivated and importantly are succeeding whilst having fun.

FHPD is under the expert care of Llew Scott, an Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer. Llew is serious about health and human movement and has the knowledge, experience and passion to guide you on your performance journey.

As an added bonus you will become a member of the FHPD entitling you to:

  • A FHPD Screening Assessment
  • A FHPD training shirt and water bottle to assist your performance training program
  • A 10% discount off the entire 2XU range and physiotherapy products
  • A 10% discount when you consult our in-house Dietician to compliment your body’s performance
  • A 10% discount when you consult our in-house Massage Therapist to assist in your recovery
  • Access to a monthly newsletter discussing the latest advances in exercise prescription and hints and tips
  • Free entry to information nights held by Figtree Physiotherapy

So what are you waiting for, get a group together or come along and make some friends and let FHPD help you achieve your fitness goals.

Please contact us for further details

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Surgery Rehabilitation has made massive leaps over the past few decades. So much so that Figtree Physiotherapy has decided to make it a priority to be a front runner in the provision of Post Surgical Rehabilitation physiotherapy and management. Our experienced physiotherapists are up to date with the latest surgical techniques and rehabilitation protocols with all having spent time viewing actual surgeries and communicating with Orthopaedic Specialists on a regular basis.

We specialise in:

  • Knee Surgery Rehabilitation — including ACL reconstructions, Total Knee Replacements and Athroscopies.
  • Shoulder Surgery Rehabilitation — including Rotator Cuff Repairs, Shoulder Reconstructions and Stabilisations and Sub Acrominal Decrompressions.
  • Groin and Hip Surgery Rehabilitation — including Groin Reconstructions, Sportsman Hernia and Hernia Repairs, Hip Labrum Repairs.
  • Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation — including neck and low back exercise rehabilitation programs.
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery Rehabilitation — including ankle reconstruction, rehabilitation of tendon repair surgeries, Syndesmosis stabilization and management of foot fractures and instabilities.

At your first physiotherapy consultation you'll receive a clear outline of your treatment plan including time frame and expected outcomes. In consultation with the Specialist and you, we develop a plan that allows you to know where you are going and what to expect in your recovery.

With our Rehabilitation Gym facilities it makes it possible for our physiotherapists to provide you with a high level of care and exercise prescription to ensure that you get the best results from your surgery.

Real Time Ultrasound

Figtree Physiotherapy has added the use of Real Time Ultrasound to the clinic. Through the use of Real Time Ultrasound we can assess not only the size of a muscle but also evaluate how well the muscles function in full view of the patient and therapist. Through its use we cab see muscle imbalances and provide immediate feedback to patients regarding how their muscles are working. Real Time Ultrasound is also a great learning tool for patients and ensures that exercises are being performed correctly.

There is evidence from scientific research and clinical result which show that with the use of Real Time Ultrasound we can restore correct muscle function, prevent injuries and accelerate rehabilitation of lower back, groin and hip injuries.

For more information please contact the reception.